Good Reading: Review of Sony M10 Flash Recorder has just reviewed the Sony M10 flash recorder.

Jeff town says: “We’ve hit a fortunate confluence of technology in the last couple of years, and there are now small, inexpensive, good-sounding recorders that can easily achieve professional-quality results. One of those is the Sony PCM-M10.”

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Good Reading: Five tips from a radio journalist who reports solely from an iPhone and iPad

“Since he locked away his cables, cameras and microphones in February 2010, (Neal) Augenstein has seen his report turn around time decrease (using only an iPad and an iPhone). ‘What used to take 30 minutes to create a fully-produced report I can now do in 10 minutes. The sound quality is probably is only 92 [...]

The Natural State

Natural gas well. Photo by Long Haul Productions.


A little bit of criticism is okay. It’s good to hear constructive (and, sometimes, not-so-constructive) feedback.

However, a LOT of criticism, especially if it’s pointed, well…. that’s just plain hard to take.

National [...]

Good Reading: Death by Multi-Media Reporting

From the Detroit Metro Times: How to Kill Journalism: Reporters should crowdsource, tweet, shoot, SMS, live chat and — oh, yeah — report the news

“Any time a reporter covers a story, she (the editor) would ask:

• Did you crowdsource this topic so you could ask more relevant questions of local officials?

• Did [...]

Good Reading: iHeartRadio, New from Clear Channel

From USA Today: Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio takes on Pandora

“For 11 years, online radio service Pandora struggled to find an audience. Now Pandora is far and away the most used online radio service, and it has a registered user base of more than 100 million listeners who average 17 hours of monthly listening.

So is [...]

Good Reading: Voice Activated Spotify for Cars

From Business Insider: Spotify and Ford Hack Together to Stream Music to Your Car

“Imagine linking your iPhone to your car, launching Spotify, and telling your radio what to play just by talking to it.”

Read more. r What is Spotify? r r r [...]

Inner-City Reality Check

Katie Davis reports from her porch.*


Katie Davis doesn’t look very far for the stories she produces. In fact, they often come to her…. on her front porch.

For many years, Katie has reported stories for public radio direct from her home, the [...]