Good Reading: Imagining the Story

An article I wrote for the Sidebar:

“As a teacher of new radio producers, I encourage students to do something risky – plan a story before going out to report it.

Sounds counterintuitive, right? Producers are supposed to enter the field to find the story, not impose one.  Well, I agree with that, to [...]

Good Reading: Radio Giant Norman Corwin Dies In Calif. At 101

From an October 18, 2011 NPR report:

“Norman Corwin, a creative giant of the Golden Age of Radio whose programs chronicling World War II are milestones in broadcasting, has died. He was 101….

During a career that spanned more than 70 years, Corwin wrote, produced and directed for radio, television, film and the stage.

His [...]

Good Reading: On Murdoch and Liberal Bias At NPR

From Edward Schumacher-Matos, NPR’s ombudsman:

“NPR has long been accused of being liberal, but a review of the coverage these past four months of a story tailor-made for liberal fangs may be instructive over how true the charge really is. The story is the ongoing phone-tapping and bribery scandal battering Rupert Murdoch and his media [...]

Edward Stephenson, Tobacco Auctioneer


Tobacco warehouse, Richmond, Virginia, circa 1918.


Keys to good storytelling: strong, simple writing; solid voicing; professional recording and mixing; compelling characters; a seductive narrative; visuals…..

What else?

John Biewen says “sure-handedness,” a compelling, internal logic where one idea flows seamlessly [...]

Good Reading: Radio Fading Away?

The Christian Science Monitor recently asked the age old question: wither radio?

“The latest suspect in radio’s impending extinction is Internet music services such as Spotify and Pandora that promise to offer a level of personalization and user control that commercial, or terrestrial, radio can’t match. But radio stubbornly lives on: According to the research [...]

Seizure’s Lament


The Third Coast International Audio Festival is three days of ear candy. Producers from around the world travel to Chicago to share work, talk shop, and, most importantly, listen.

Unfortunately, Third Coast only happens every other year. So, 2012 is a Third Coast year.

However, the geniuses at Third Coast went and invented [...]