Veronica’s Backyard


Imagine this:  You’ve met a total character. She’s kind of eccentric. She has forty-one animals in her backyard and it’s not a farm. And, just about every time she talks, she says something amazing. In radio parlance, she ‘spits tape.’

But, there’s no story. You pull out all the stops trying cull out [...]

The Plane That Flew Into the Empire State Building



Listen to the audio in this video. It’s perfect for radio. With some clever editing, narration, and other content such as interviews with survivors of the crash, you could easily turn this into a radio story.

Why doesn’t that happen more often? The 20th century was captured in sound. Why [...]



Andy Mills won “Best New Artist” at the 2011 Third Coast Filmless Festival. Well deserved. Have a listen. [...]