The Longest, Shortest Time


Hillary Frank launched a decade-long career in radio with an answering machine as a tape recorder.

In college, Hillary was dead-set on getting a story on This American Life. The fact that she had no radio experience what-so-ever didn’t matter. She just made a story and sent it in. But, instead of a professional mic and recorder, she used the built in mic on an answering machine and then edited on a boom box cassette player.


Eventually, Hillary worked at This American Life and half-a-dozen other radio programs. Now, she’s harnessed the creative spark again, this time with a podcast — The Longest, Shortest Time.

On this HowSound, Hillary talks about inspiration, podcasting, and motherhood.




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  • [...] We tell a lot of birth stories here at LST. I’ve talked a bit about how I got the idea to produce this podcast but I’ve never written here about how I started it, or how episodes get made. But now you can find out at How Sound. [...]

  • Hillary Frank is my new hero.

    Also, her “read” (or non-read? since she doesn’t write scripts) sounds a lot like Ira Glass.

    Also, I will be adding cardiomyopathy to the already too-long list of pregnancy-related things to worry about.

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