Mighty Tiny

Susan Anarino and her tiny but mighty ukulele on Cape Cod. (Photo by Joanna Solotaroff.)


Joanna Solotaroff was a student of mine at the Transom Story Workshop this spring. When Joanna said she wanted to do a story on a Ukulele Orchestra I thought to myself “Yeah, whatever. [...]

Happy Birthday Studs!

Studs Terkel being Studs. (Photographer, unknown.)

Today, HowSound marks the 100th birthday of Studs Terkel — America’s interviewer.

Who didn’t Studs interview?! He chronicled the life of 20th century America from the ground up in books like Working, Race, and The Good War.

Syd Lewis worked with Studs for [...]

Fact Check This


Seek the truth and report it. That’s the core of journalism.

But the truth needs to be checked — fact checked. And when you don’t….. well, just ask the folks at This American Life.

Last January, This American Life aired a program called “Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory.” It featured the story [...]