A Trip to the Dentist

Not Larry’s actual tooth (as far as I know).


On this edition of HowSound, set the “Way-Back Machine” to 1977 for a legendary story — Larry Massett’s psychedelic “A Trip to the Dentist.”

The piece is legendary in public radio circles for two reasons. One, it was assembled on three, [...]

Alleged Illegal Searches

Antonio Rivera is featured in Ailsa Chang’s award-winning story on New York City Police Department’s alleged illegal searches.

Rivera claims the police removed marijuana from under his clothes then arrested him for displaying marijuana publicly.  (Photo courtesy Ailsa Chang/WNYC)


Ailsa Chang is relatively new to [...]

Passing Stranger: The East Village Poetry Walk


It used to be people would say “Oh, the 1940s and 50s, that was the Golden Age of radio.” Maybe ten years ago they were right.

Now, I’d say the 2010s are Golden Age of Radio. Take radio itself then add on satellite radio, HD radio, the internet, podcasts, mobile devices… the deluge [...]