The Green Lawns of Texas

Whatever you do, don’t let a little snow on top of brown lawns get in the way of reporting on a drought. (Image by Krissy Clark, Midland, Texas.) 

It’s always a mystery to me — how does a reporter travel to a place they’ve never been to and report a story? It seems fraught. How can you possibly get the story right? In fact, this type of reporting is so risky it has a name, “parachute journalism,” and it’s definitely something you want to avoid.

Marketplace Reporter Krissy Clark has a strategy for combating the pitfalls of “parachute journalism.”  Krissy reveals her tactics on this edition of HowSound. She talks about living in Los Angeles but reporting on the drought in west Texas — with only two days in the field. Talk about risky! And, we’ll hear her story “The Green Lawns of Texas” which was produced for the podcast Freakonomics.

As an added bonus, here’s a great collection of thoughts on getting to know a place and finding stories. It was written by students my students at the Transom Story Workshop.

Stay rad, Rob.


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