The Seance

C’mon, you know you wish you were at this seance! (Photo courtesy Bob Carlson)


I wish I could tell you there are hundreds and hundreds of opportunities for independent producers to get their work on the radio. Sadly, I can’t.

But, one consistently good outlet for indy work is KCRW’s “Unfictional” radio program and podcast. Weekly, Unfictional features a half hour of creative and ear-catching work from freelancers and the program’s producer, Bob Carlson. In fact, I feature Bob’s superb story “The Seance” on today’s HowSound — it’s your Halloween treat.

If you’re an independent producer, you should check out the Unfictional podcast and KCRW’s “Independent Producer Project.” They’re taking pitches — right now!

And, speaking of opportunities for freelancers, maybe there’s one right in your backyard! Check out AIR’s Localore Project. Localore is a national initiative of the Association of Independents in Radio fostering connections between indies and local stations.

Enjoy this HowSound then go get your own work on the air!!



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