Set the Wayback Machine for 1914

The staff at Studio 360 dissects the production, writing, and voicing of their recent broadcast from 1914. [...]

3rd Grade Audio

Stories about drawing, getting old, stuffed animals, and what to do when you get a magnet stuck up your nose. It must be David Green’s “Third Grade Audio.” [...]

Five Things

If I had to pick a story for a “Top Ten Favorite Student Features,” “Five Things” by Matt Largey would be one of them because of the incredible intimacy. [...]

Bringing Wes Home

Producer Jakob Lewis on “parachuting in” to produce a story about a funeral and a grieving family. [...]

Love Is A Battlefield

Interviewing tricks and tips from NPR science reporter Alix Spiegel. You’ll want to take notes. [...]


Transom Story Workshop student, Alex Kapelman, with the story of a drummer with a hook for a hand and a 50-year old rock and roll mystery. [...]


The new podcast “Criminal,” is well worth a listen. Find out what it’s all about from the program’s host, Phoebe Judge. [...]

Risky Reporting at Fukushima

NPR foreign correspondent Anthony Kuhn on the risks involved reporting at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. [...]

Typewriters Are Unpleasant

Michael Raphael of Rabbit Ears Audio talks sound effects recording: winter scenes, rockets, cityscapes, and the soul destroying typewriter. [...]

Southern Flight 242: Bringing My Father Home

Producer Will Coley and editor Viki Merrick offer HowSound listeners a gift by talking about their editorial process, a working relationship that is usually not shared publicly. [...]