The Green Lawns of Texas

Whatever you do, don’t let a little snow on top of brown lawns get in the way of reporting on a drought. (Image by Krissy Clark, Midland, Texas.) 

r It’s always a mystery to me — how does a reporter travel to a place they’ve never been [...]

Fact Check This


Seek the truth and report it. That’s the core of journalism.

But the truth needs to be checked — fact checked. And when you don’t….. well, just ask the folks at This American Life.

Last January, This American Life aired a program called “Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory.” It featured the story [...]

Good Reading: Five tips from a radio journalist who reports solely from an iPhone and iPad

“Since he locked away his cables, cameras and microphones in February 2010, (Neal) Augenstein has seen his report turn around time decrease (using only an iPad and an iPhone). ‘What used to take 30 minutes to create a fully-produced report I can now do in 10 minutes. The sound quality is probably is only 92 [...]

Good Reading: Death by Multi-Media Reporting

From the Detroit Metro Times: How to Kill Journalism: Reporters should crowdsource, tweet, shoot, SMS, live chat and — oh, yeah — report the news

“Any time a reporter covers a story, she (the editor) would ask:

• Did you crowdsource this topic so you could ask more relevant questions of local officials?

• Did [...]