Early Bloom

On this edition, we follow the path from script to a produced story about plant communication with Peter Frick-Wright and Robbie Carver. [...]

The Elusive Digital Stradivarius

David Schulman usually produces non-narrated stories on music. Recently, he stepped out of his usual style to produce a narrated science story focused on the acoustics of reproducing the sound of a Stradivarius electronically. [...]

Jad’s Brain


Okay, we’re goin’ in! Grab your earbuds and don your spelunking light. Our destination? Jad Abumrad’s brain.

This could get weird.

Jad’s a co-host and the producer of Radiolab, a science (and more) program produced at WNYC. Several years ago, Ira Glass was [...]

She Sees Your Every Move

“Fan Man” from Michele Iversen’s Night Surveillance Series, 2006.


Finally. A LONG overdue HowSound on scoring — using music in a story. Jonathan Mitchell’s provocative piece about photographer Michele Iversen goes under the HowSound audio microscope.

Jonathan is a master at using music [...]

Chorus of Refuge


Once you’ve finished producing a story, what are you supposed to do with all the tape? Just let it sit on a shelf?

Some producers will re-purpose their interviews — turn them into a print piece or maybe fashion a new radio story. Producers Kara Oehler and Ann Heppermann, along with Jason Cady, [...]



Andy Mills won “Best New Artist” at the 2011 Third Coast Filmless Festival. Well deserved. Have a listen. [...]

The Natural State

Natural gas well. Photo by Long Haul Productions.


A little bit of criticism is okay. It’s good to hear constructive (and, sometimes, not-so-constructive) feedback.

However, a LOT of criticism, especially if it’s pointed, well…. that’s just plain hard to take.

National [...]