The Hitchhiker

On this HowSound, Scott Carrier, Alex Chadwick, and the legendary story behind Scott’s first radio piece “The Hitchhiker,” produced in 1983. [...]

Love Is A Battlefield

Interviewing tricks and tips from NPR science reporter Alix Spiegel. You’ll want to take notes. [...]

Risky Reporting at Fukushima

NPR foreign correspondent Anthony Kuhn on the risks involved reporting at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. [...]

To Scene or Not To Scene

NPR’s legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg finds on-scene narration canned and phoney and she says ambient sound often gets in the way of a story. Yet, her recent report on buffer zones around health clinics proves otherwise. [...]

Nodding Syndrome

Producer Matt Kielty wonders about “objectification” and advancing a career reporting on the suffering of others. [...]

The Burning Question

Audie Cornish gets my vote for the best smile in public radio. Audie is co-host of NPR’s All Things Considered. (Photo by Doby Photography/NPR)


The interview may be the core of what we do as radio producers. Conduct a solid interview and the rest will follow. Blow [...]

A Trip to the Dentist

Not Larry’s actual tooth (as far as I know).


On this edition of HowSound, set the “Way-Back Machine” to 1977 for a legendary story — Larry Massett’s psychedelic “A Trip to the Dentist.”

The piece is legendary in public radio circles for two reasons. One, it was assembled on three, [...]


NPR Reporter, Robert Smith. Photo by Lam Thuy Vo.


Robert Smith’s stories for National Public Radio regularly bring a spark to news programs full of “just-the-facts-ma’am” stories. Robert does it by going live — narrating to tape on location. Freestylin’, if you will. No script. Just Robert and the moment.

In [...]

Show, Don’t Tell

Brian Reed — with tape rolling — wades into a lagoon on Kirabati to learn how high the sea has risen. (Photo by Claire Anterea)

Brian Reed has a knack for visual radio. Brian employs, with great effect, the old writing maxim “show, don’t tell.”

On [...]

Krulwich on Gorilla Cage Drama


I just listened to a slew of “Hmmm….”, Robert Krulwich’s science podcast for NPR. I couldn’t stop listening. One, then another, then another.  If the phrase for a good book is “page turner,” Robert’s podcasts are a “click-wheel turner.”

The same goes for Radiolab, the science program from WNYC that Robert co-hosts with [...]