My Kingdom For Some Structure

Producer Bradley Campbell says story structure is a like a map, it shows you were to go. For this episode of HowSound, Bradley drew story structures on napkins (really) and we dissect his drawings. [...]

What If There Was No Destiny?

If only there was a quadratic equation for ethics, right? Plug in the variables and the equation spits out the answers. No such luck which means we’ve got to talk it through, like we do on this episode of HowSound with Radiolab reporter Pat Walters. [...]

Jad’s Brain


Okay, we’re goin’ in! Grab your earbuds and don your spelunking light. Our destination? Jad Abumrad’s brain.

This could get weird.

Jad’s a co-host and the producer of Radiolab, a science (and more) program produced at WNYC. Several years ago, Ira Glass was [...]

Krulwich on Gorilla Cage Drama


I just listened to a slew of “Hmmm….”, Robert Krulwich’s science podcast for NPR. I couldn’t stop listening. One, then another, then another.  If the phrase for a good book is “page turner,” Robert’s podcasts are a “click-wheel turner.”

The same goes for Radiolab, the science program from WNYC that Robert co-hosts with [...]