The Last of the Iron Lungs

Julia Scott says “participant observation” is a valuable reporting tool, even if it means climbing into an “iron lung” which looks like something only Dracula would lay in. [...]

The Elusive Digital Stradivarius

David Schulman usually produces non-narrated stories on music. Recently, he stepped out of his usual style to produce a narrated science story focused on the acoustics of reproducing the sound of a Stradivarius electronically. [...]

Recording in Remote Locations

Headed out to report in a faraway place? Dan Grossman says “Be prepared.” Dan shares intriguing sounds and important field preparation tips on this HowSound. [...]

One Species at a Time

Science reporter Ari Daniel Shapiro gets the low-down on Posidonia, a seagrass, from scientist Alex Lorente. (Photo by Manel Gazo in L’Estartit, Spain.)

Imagine spending five years working on your PhD studying Norwegian killer whale vocalization. Then imagine deciding you no longer want to be an ocean biologist.