Set the Wayback Machine for 1914

The staff at Studio 360 dissects the production, writing, and voicing of their recent broadcast from 1914. [...]

She Sees Your Every Move

“Fan Man” from Michele Iversen’s Night Surveillance Series, 2006.


Finally. A LONG overdue HowSound on scoring — using music in a story. Jonathan Mitchell’s provocative piece about photographer Michele Iversen goes under the HowSound audio microscope.

Jonathan is a master at using music [...]

Fighting With My Dad

Producer Richard Paul and his father, Bob.


In 2005, Richard Paul produced a story for Studio 360 called “Fighting With My Dad.” Richard hasn’t talked to his dad since.

“I can’t think of anything more fraught,” Richard says, “than doing a story that explores intimate things about your relationship with your parents.”

On [...]